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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Driving tips | 0 comments

Avoiding Car Crime

There are steps that you can take to avoid car crime. Making a claim on your car insurance policy may cause your car insurance premuim to rise as a result of losing your no claims discount.

Tips for avoiding car crime
Don’t leave anything on display in your car. Opportunist “smash & grab” thieves will be tempted by mobile phones, bags, CDs etc. that are on show.

If possible, take all of your belongings with you when you leave the car. If this is not possible lock them in the boot of the car.

If your car is not already fitted with a car alarm or a car immobiliser consider fitting an aftermarket device.

Even if you are only leaving the car for a short time, for example when paying for fuel at a petrol station, ensure that you remove the keys from the ignition, close all windows and doors and lock the car. Many cars are broken into during the few seconds that the driver leaves the car.

Arrange to have your car’s registration etched onto the windows and light lenses of your car. However, if you have a cherished number plate assigned to your car this may not be a good idea as when you come to sell the car and replace the number plate the etched registration will differ from the newly assigned regitration making a potential buyer suspicious.

If possible, remove your car stereo when you leave the car. If this is not possible, but your stereo has a “face off” then remove this and lock it in the boot. Son’t simply put it in an unlocked glove box where a thief will easily find it.

When leaving the car at night, always try to leave your car in a well-lit space. If you have a garage use it, that’s what they are for!

No one will stop the most determined thief, but do all you can to make them think twice before making an attempted break in.

For more information on car security and how it can lead to cheaper insurance, read this guide

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